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Meet the Team 


Dr. Danisha Keating

Hello, meet Dr. Danisha Keating. She has over a decade  working within higher education. She has instructed students with diverse backgrounds in various programs. From teaching students in their doctoral programs, coaching students on their dissertation, to teaching students at varies universities, Dr. Keating works at the students’ pace and with their learning styles.

She completed her research on best practices of foster youth support programs at community colleges in California. She was in the foster care system and a guardian to her siblings. Her history in foster care has given her a passion for bringing awareness on how to better support foster youth students. 

She wrote her story in a memoir "From Foster to PhD: Letters from a Suitcase" which can be found on Amazon, Barns & Noble, Walmart, and other major bookstores. 

Dr. Keating also has a passion for helping business owners and organizations to succeed. Her mastermind courses help professionals grow their business, network, gain insight, and have accountability (Click here for more).

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